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Feb. 28th, 2011 10:06 pm
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Title: I Do
Pairing(s): Yunjae
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Cross-dressing, spanking, toys, rough-ish sex, bondage, stripteasing, dirty-talking, light BDSM, dom!Yunho/sub!Jae. Well, then.
Genre: Smut, PWP, slight humor
A/N: This is what happens when I'm home sick and watching too much Say Yes to the Dress.
Summary: Yunho catches Jaejoong in some interesting attire and reacts just the opposite as Jaejoong expects.

Everything in Jaejoong had been shouting at him to put the garment back in its dry-cleaning bag, not on – definitely not on. His sister had entrusted this to him, made him promise on Yunho’s life that it would remain in the condition in which he’d received it. Still, Jaejoong thought as he fingered the expensive lace, it was so breath-taking it’d almost be wrong if he didn’t try it on.

It wouldn’t hurt anyone, he reasoned, if he just put it on for a few seconds and then returned it, still virtually untouched. In fact, it would be hurting the dress that was lying neatly on his bed, practically begging his dainty form to fill it out. His sister should really be thanking him for keeping the dress happy until she was ready for it.

It wasn’t a new fascination, not by any means really. When Jaejoong had been a kid, he would sit with his sisters for hours scouring the bridal magazines, listening to the adult’s chuckle over his adorable behavior. They’d seen it as harmless fun – every boy had a little curiosity, right? – Until he was eleven, then seventeen, and still scouring the same magazines. Jaejoong had continued long past knowing it wasn’t normal for a man to envision himself swept off his feet by a prince. Still continued long past meeting and falling in love with Yunho, unable to shake the dreams despite the laws and general disapproval of society.

With all the insane rationalizing in mind, Jaejoong padded to his dresser and kneeled to reach the bottom drawer. With a little digging, he was able to successfully pull out his desired items, blushing slightly at what he was about to do, but not embarrassed enough to pretend he’d never harbored the thought.

Double-checking the locks and the curtains, Jaejoong carefully shut the door to the bedroom and started with the pile of undergarments on his bed. With a faint blush still adorning his cheeks, he pulled the white, lacy thong with the garter attached from the pile and began to pull them on; trying not to think of the last time he’d worn them. Images of the nurse outfit Yunho had surprised him with the week before still fresh in mind, Jaejoong tried not to think of the way Yunho had ravished him that night, always a big fan of role-playing.

Next came the dress itself, a Vera Wang tulle ball gown all pretty and expensive looking. The top, a pricey lace, hung a little loose in the chest area, but Jaejoong figured a couple pairs of socks could fix that. A big, black bow hung down the dress from the waist, creating a stark contrast from the ivory on the rest of the dress. The bottom was poufy and layered, enveloping his tiny frame easily and making it impossible for Jaejoong to look away.

Taking a long, shaky breath, Jaejoong realized that he looked radiant, seemingly glowing in his new attire. It was oh-so wrong of him to be doing this, but oh God did he look good. If only Yunho could see him now; if only Yunho could be standing across from him, adorned in a matching suit.

“I do,” he whispered to his reflection, pretending it was Yunho looking back at him, his eyes flaming with desire and love.

So intrigued at the feminine image of himself the mirror was reflecting back, Jaejoong failed to notice the opening of the door, the quiet gasp from the new visitor and then the creaking of footsteps as Yunho made his way to the beautiful man.

“I do,” Jaejoong repeated, twirling a little to watch the way the dress moved with him.

“Mm,” Yunho muttered, catching the beauty mid-twirl, earning a yelp of surprise. “Shouldn’t there be somebody else with you.”

Jaejoong opened his mouth, but ended up closing it promptly when no words were able to make their way up his throat and out into the open. It was the most mortifying moment of his life, he was sure. Worse than that even, Yunho must think he was some desperate loser with nothing better to do then dress up in his sister’s clothing and talk to himself. He knew this had been a bad idea, such a damn bad idea.

Yunho chuckled, his voice deep and amused, making Jaejoong squirm in turn. “Mm, Joongie, I do.”

Jaejoong gawked, staring at the man in front of him with a mixture of shock and pleasure. Now that... that wasn’t what Jae had been expecting, not at all. Here in the bedroom of their shared apartment wearing his sister’s wedding gown, Yunho still wearing his work suit, they had exchanged vows. This was ridiculous – stupid even – but Jaejoong couldn’t ignore the way his face continued to heat up, turning a brilliant shade of red.

“Do I get my honeymoon yet?” Yunho smirked, a chuckle still undeniably in the undertone.

With another unceremonious yelp from Jaejoong, Yunho easily lifted the man into his arms, tossing him on to the bed before following suit.

“T-The dress,” Jae stuttered, still having half a mind as to realize that he was still adorning his sister’s designer wedding gown, complete with the veil.

“You mean I don’t get to fuck you with it on?” Yunho growled, his hand already beginning to wander up Jaejoong’s thigh, playing with the garter and making Jaejoong forget all his objections.

“Yunnie,” Jae pleaded, still grasping onto the thread of sanity he had left. “She’ll kill me, she’ll kill you. Let me take it off.”

Yunho caught Jaejoong’s hand as it reached for the zipper, pulling it away and keeping it firmly in his grasp. “If you’re not going to wear it, I want a show.”

Jaejoong gulped, knowing full well what his boyfriend was referring to. Glancing nervously at the man, he began to crawl to the end of the bed, swallowing the squeak when Yunho slapped his ass a little too harshly. Standing shakily on his feet feeling a little glad he hadn’t put on the matching stilettos, Jaejoong began to sway his hips side to side in what he hoped was a sexy manner.

Reaching behind him to take hold of the zipper, he arched his back as he pulled it down in one swift motion, allowing himself an exhale of relief when it didn’t snag on the cloth. Well, he supposed, you get the quality you pay for. Still swaying his hips sensually, he began to pull the dress down, slowly exposing his bare chest to his excited audience.

By then, Yunho was propped up on his elbows on the bed, taking in the sight of his stripping lover with a hand on his erection, pumping slowly. Taking this little show as encouragement, Jaejoong let his fingers trail down the same path as the dress, pausing momentarily to roughly finger his nipples, pretending it was Yunho’s pleasuring him. Letting out a sultry moan, he pulled the dress down his stomach, imagining the feel of Yunho’s tongue as he licked so dangerously close. It was getting to be too much and Jaejoong was beginning to crave the feel of Yunho’s hands, gripping his thin waist roughly as he performed the same acts, but in a way only Yunho could pull off.

Finally, as the dress fell to the safety of the floor and Jaejoong was left dancing with only his thong and garter still in place, Yunho had had enough, beckoning the older man with one finger, an impish grin on his face. The rest of his attire was shed as he swayed his way over. When Jaejoong was in arms reach, Yunho grabbed the slim waist and pulled him to rest on his lap, erection noticeably stabbing the other’s thigh.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Yunho whispered into his ear, causing a shiver to run through his naked body and right to his groin. “I think I could fuck you right now.”

Jaejoong couldn’t suppress the moan that fell past his parted lips, “Yunnie, please.”

Yunho snarled, arranging Jaejoong swiftly on the bed so he was lying on his stomach, ass high in the air presenting itself to Yunho. “Did I say you could talk, Jaejoong?” Slap.

“I-I, no,” Jaejoong stammered, realizing his mistake too late. Slap. Slap.

By then Jaejoong was moaning, wanton and needy. In all honesty, it had been him that had begged Yunho to treat him like this. Yunho had once been loving and affectionate, tentative and hesitant, but Jaejoong had needed more; needed the feeling of being man-handled, punished and ultimately dominated. Yunho had been reluctant at first, scared of what he would do to Jaejoong, but in the end had agreed and well, hadn’t stopped since.

“You’re my wife and you do what I say,” Yunho growled, enjoying the way Jaejoong was humping desperately at nothing, craving more than just the rough slaps to his perky ass.

“Y-Yes, Master,” Jaejoong whimpered, bucking back in search of Yunho’s hands and was granted another punishing slap to his ass, causing him to yelp in pain.

“I said to shut up, you slut.”

When the room fell silent aside from the occasional moan, Yunho leaned forward, rubbing his palms over the abused skin and licking his lips devilishly. Drawing his hand back one final time, he slapped a particularly red spot and then brought his mouth to it, lapping soothingly at the spot, keeping his grip on Jaejoong’s waist when the younger bucked up wildly.

“God, how lucky am I to have such a slutty wife,” Yunho smiled, reaching up to twirl a piece of Jae’s stark black hair.

Jaejoong whined, straining his head back as far as it could go when he felt the sudden loss of weight on the bed. However, when his lover returned, an assortment of items in his arms, Jaejoong whimpered, anticipating what was to come. He couldn’t quite see what was in Yunho’s arms, but had a fairly good idea and wasn’t surprised when he felt the nudge at his hole.

The small, lubed bullet breached his hole easily causing Jaejoong to reach forward to clutch at the sheets, the tiny object feeling foreign in his unprepared hole. Though, the action caught the younger man’s attention and soon Jae felt the familiar feeling of the leather belt tying his wrists together and then to the bedpost, making Jaejoong pull at the restraints, desperate to grab onto anything.

Yunho smiled, brushing his hand down the side of Jaejoong’s face, a string of kisses following suit, enjoying the way Jaejoong squirmed beneath him. As soon as he had retrieved a couple more items from the pile, he secured a cock ring at the base of the older man’s engorged erection, simultaneously turning the knob attached to the bullet, causing vibrations to rack the tiny frame.

“Yunho!” Slap.

“I’ve been playing nice, Joongie,” Yunho reminded, caressing the hand print on the bare ass that was still sticking up as an offering to him. “Do you want me to get the whip?”

The vigorous shake of the other’s head made Yunho laugh quietly, almost sadistically. He searched through the pile once again and let out a victorious sound when he found the ball gag and reached forward to put it in place. “Then I suggest you stop talking before I make this harder on you.”

Reaching forward to grip roughly at Jaejoong’s weeping erection, he pumped quickly, smirking when the combined force of that and the vibrator led Jaejoong to a dry orgasm. The older man’s humped desperately at the air, his wanton moan muffled by the gag causing a thin stream of saliva to run down Jae’s chin.

“Do you want to come?” Yunho teased, fingering the overly sensitive head of Jaejoong’s erection.

This time a vigorous head nod came from the gagged man beneath him. “Do you want me to make you come with my dick?” A moan.

“Hmm, well you are quite the delicious sight. All tied up and begging for me to take pity on you,” the younger man grinned, pulling out the bullet forcefully, replacing it with his fingers almost instantly.

The preparation was quick, his fingers scissoring and pumping only enough to satisfy both of them, before he was lining up his cock in their place. Jaejoong bucked back, trying desperately to achieve more friction, more anything really, but Jaejoong steadied him.

“I’ll fuck you when I feel like fucking you,” he growled, but contradicted his words by pushing in at the same time. A muffled scream echoed in the room as he stretched the tiny hole far more than it was ready for.

Using both hands to pull Jae’s perky globes apart, he set a quick pace, watching happily as Jaejoong’s face was repeatedly slammed into a pillow with the force of his thrusts. It was always such a turn on to watch the older man getting fucked senseless, his moans and slutty hole making up for his rule breaking.

More salvia was streaming down the other man’s chin, causing Yunho to thrust harder, unable to keep himself from breaking that delicate body. “I want to hear you, Joongie. Scream for me.”

With those instructions now out, Jaejoong let loose, moaning and crying out against the gag, the feeling of Yunho’s dick stretching him more than he could take. Jaejoong was good at cooking and cleaning and generally everything, but if there was something Yunho could do just right, it was fucking Jaejoong into incoherency.

Yunho was the first to come as Jaejoong’s cock ring was still firmly tightened around his straining erection, throwing his head back and unloading into Jaejoong’s abused hole. After his post-orgasm high had worn off enough to register the older man’s senseless begging, he reached forward and pulled off the gag and then the ring, smiling when he heard Jae scream his name, clear and breathless.

Lying side by side now, Yunho scooped the younger man into his arms, kissing his forehead and then his lips, nibbling on the bottom before pulling apart. “I would have gotten you in a wedding gown ages ago if I’d known the sex would be like this.”

The sound of Jae’s laughter filled the room as he molded himself further into Yunho’s sticky body. “Says the guy that’ll be able to go to work tomorrow.”

Yunho grinned cheekily, burying his head in the older man’s neck. “You enjoyed it, my beautiful wife.”

Blushing at the term of endearment, Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “Sweet talking isn’t going to erase the fact that you almost ruined the wedding dress.”

Yunho raised his hands in defense, stealing a quick kiss before retorting, “Well maybe if you didn’t go strutting around in one, we’d have one less problem on our hands. Your sister is so not going to be pleased.”

“Hey! If you so much as say a word to her, no sex for a month!”

“I believe you said that yesterday,” Yunho smirked, ignoring the slap upside the head he earned for his remark.

“Yeah, well, I mean it this time.”
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