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this gif is just how i feel right now

So I realize I disappeared from the face of the earth (except Twitter). I don't really have an excuse rather than school. Like, at all. I HAVE BEEN BEING A LAZY TWITTER-GOING, FANFICTION-READING PERSON FOR TWO WEEKS.

So I return with a meme that looks like fun:

Give me a person or pairing and I will write one sentence (or so) of ten genres for them. The genres are:
(side note: you'd best be sticking with KT, Arashi or DBSK because i will fail at all other characterizations :D)

1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)
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Reply to this post, and I'll tell you three reasons why I like you.
Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.
picture made by [info]amaskuponthesky 
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End of 2010 meme stolen from [ profile] amaskuponthesky !

meme under the cut )
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This is a meme that I stole from [ profile] tonieboo0013 . She stole it  from [info]shojun70v3  and so on. I've been feeling the need to do one of these lately because the urge to type hasn't left; just the ideas. So here is my attempt at this with no promises that it'll be interesting. I guess if you're interested, you can just learn a little bit about me.

Day 01- Your favourite song )

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